Assembler Workbench

(c) Gunther Strube, 1998

Interlogic have now released this superb development package as freeware! This is a packed 128K ROM containing the workbench applications (Z80Asm, Intuition and Zprom) as well as EazyLink and ZetriZ (both also available separately from this site as 16K ROMs or RAM-installable applications) and the useful FreeRAM popdown.

Check out these links for full reviews of both Assembler Workbench and Zetriz, written when they were available only commercially.

Full documentation is provided in a selection of plain text and PipeDream files. Please note that this ROM is only suitable for blowing to a 128K (or larger) EPROM; it will not work as a RAM-installed application.

Don't forget to visit the development tools page, where you will find libraries and other support files, plus the sources of the workbench itself.

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