Sinclair hardware is very widely emulated. Emulators exist for virtually every platform, and more are released on a very regular basis. Unless otherwise noted in the description, all emulators listed in each section are Freeware.

Please note that some emulators have Multiface 128 emulation, but do not supply the Multiface ROM because it is copyrighted and the authors require a license fee to be paid. However, Z80 and Spectaculator do include this ROM because their authors have licensed it from the current owners, Romantic Robot.

A short list of emulators of other systems, including the MK-14, QL, Jupiter Ace, ZX80 and ZX81 is also provided, as is a list of emulators available in languages other than English.

If your platform is not listed below, please check the Miscellaneous section.

Note: M.E.S.S. - the Multi Emulator Super System includes ZX Spectrum emulation. No ROM images are included with the download package, but these can be easily located. The Timex TS2068 and TC2048 models are also emulated, which is very uncommon.

  • M.E.S.S. v0.67

    Emulates: ZX80, ZX81, Z88, Jupiter Ace, ZX Spectrum - many other systems also emulated.
    Tape Formats: Varies by system.
    Requirements: Varies by system.
    Created by: Multiple Authors.
    Last updated: April 18th, 2003.

    Comments: Available for Microsoft Windows (v0.67), MacOS (v0.61), Unix (0.61.1), AmigaOS, Solaris, etc. See the M.E.S.S. download page for details.

Several emulators listed previously appear to no longer be actively maintained. The archive area contains those entries that are no longer current and cannot readily be improved. If you can provide additional information about those entries marked for archival, please do so.