Amstrad PLC are very supportive of the Sinclair community and have granted permission for much of the original documentation to be published and freely distributed. In addition, many other companies have expressed no concerns about their manuals, etc. being made publicly available. The following is a short list of the most commonly requested, with many additional items being available from most of these sites.

User Guides:
Amstrad PLC encourages distribution of the original User Guides for many of the machines they hold copyrights for. This is very welcome, and ensures that the Sinclair community is well served where official documentation is concerned.

Reference Documents:
A small selection of reference documents are available. You may want to refer to these when reading other sections of this FAQ, particularly the ports, pinouts, hardware and Timex sections.

  • Z80 Family Official Support Page
    Gaby Chaudry maintains a very large site filled with probably as much information as you could ever need about the Z80 (and related) processors - FAQ & hardware documents, developer tools and utilities, project source code, etc.

  • Timex TS2068 Technical Manual
    Based on the original 'blue manual' published by Timex in 1984, this book was produced by Time Designs Magazine in 1986. This .pdf version was produced by Alvin Albrecht, and is one of the few technical references available for this machine.

  • Rotronics Wafadrive User Manual
    The original User Manual for the Wafadrive is now available from World of Spectrum..

Service Manuals:
If you need to repair a Sinclair machine, or are interested in learning more about how the systems are designed and constructed, the following Service Manuals may be of use to you. Since it is possible to damage your machine by attempting a repair, and can be dangerous if you do not follow the saftey precations, please do not attempt any repairs if you are unsure of your ability to complete them. Several companies offer a repair service and may be able to service your machine for you at reasonable cost.

Peripherals & Miscellaneous:
There are several original instruction manuals, user guides and information sheets available online for many common peripherals. Listed below are those that relate to commonly emulated (or very popular) devices, primarily intended for use with the ZX Spectrum. Additional documents are available in a variety of different formats from the World of Spectrum and Classic 8-Bit Computers.

Circuit Diagrams are available for some common peripherals and most Sinclair computers. These may be of use to you when carrying out repairs, identifying revision numbers for hardware or building your own versions of these items.