BASIC Installer

(c) Garry Lancaster, 2000

Installer is a utility that allows you to run proper Z88 applications and popdowns without having to go through the tedious process of blowing them to EPROMs. Instead, it uses free space found in your Z88's RAM to hold the applications, where they can be run exactly as if they were on a ROM card.

BASIC Installer is a cut-down version of the full Installer popdown provided on the Z88 Forever! compilation ROM. It performs some of the basic functions of Installer, and is intended for those people who don't have any EPROM cards at all, and so cannot use the full version.

There are several limitations to this version, however. The main drawback is that there is no support for packages or other Z88 enhancements, so applications which require this will not be able to run. Please read the documentation for other limitations.

It is in fact possible to use the BASIC Installer to install the full version, and thus overcome these limitations. However, please read the documentation carefully before attempting to do this.

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