(c) Garry Lancaster, 1995

Viewer is a simple program I wrote to view the contents of a file without having to load it into PipeDream, which takes both time and memory. Using it is very simple: just enter the filename you wish to view and it will appear on screen. Move up/down by a single line with the up and down arrows, or by a screenful at a time with SHIFT and the up and down arrows.

The viewer can cope with standard IBM (CR+LF) documents as well as Z88 format text files (CR only) - there is no need to run any conversion programs. I find it useful for reading through large documents such as manuals and novels.

To run the viewer, download the following text file to your Z88:

Enter BBC BASIC and type:

*CLI .*viewer.cli

You can now RUN the program, or SAVE it so that you can LOAD it later without having to go through the steps above again.

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