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of WhatNow?)

WhatNow? is an application that can load and play many freely-available text-only and text/graphic adventures on your Z88. It is a complete emulation of Incentive's Graphic Adventure Creator (or GAC) runtime system.

Using this application you can play many adventure games that were released in the eighties for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128; titles such as Book Of The Dead, Frankenstein, Karyssia - Queen Of Diamonds, Mountains Of Ket and more.

New with version 1.11 are the following improvements:

You can download WhatNow? from this page, or view the documentation online. There are also a lot of adventures for you to download.

WhatNow? Downloads

If you don't have the Packages system on your Z88 (this is provided with Installer v2.00+) then you should download one of the following 32K standalone versions:

Otherwise, you can download one of the following 16K "client" versions, which require that you also have Z88 CamelForth on your Z88:

Better still, you could grab the Forth Pack below which includes Z88 CamelForth, WhatNow? and Puzzle Of The Pyramid, taking up only 48K of your valuable ROM/RAM space (the combined "standalone" versions require a total of 80K!). Note that you can "mix and match" ROM- and RAM-based applications from these packs if you wish:

WhatNow? Documentation

WhatNow? Adventure Downloads

Other ROMs

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