ROMCombiner v2.01

(c) Garry Lancaster, 2000

The RomCombiner has four major functions:

Changes to v2.01 (since v2.0) include:

A full list of changes can be found in the file whatsnew.txt.

This program is ideal for creating ROM cards from images available on these pages (follow this link) and elsewhere.

It is also useful if you have several application ROMs and would like to combine them into a single card. For this you will need a newly-erased EPROM that is large enough to contain all the ROMs you wish to combine.

For example, a 128K EPROM can contain up to 4 x 32K applications, and a 256K EPROM can store double this amount. One of the new Flash EPROMs could hold just about every application ever written for the Z88!

Other features of ROMCombiner allow you to change the key used to enter an application, and the name given to it in the Index.

PLEASE NOTE that I do not in any way condone the use of this program to illegally copy ROMs that you do not own.

The program is menu-driven, and full instructions are provided in the PipeDream documentation.

This program is supplied as a BASIC program and machine-code file, not as a CLI file. Both these files are binary. Once on the Z88, just RUN "ROMCOMBINER.BAS"

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