Sir Lancelot

(c) Stephen Cargill, 1984

Z88 conversion by Dominic Morris, 1998

of Sir Lancelot)

Sir Lancelot is Dominic Morris' conversion of the 16K ZX Spectrum game of the same name, originally published by Melbourne House in 1984.

The Spectrum game was an attempt by the author, Stephen Cargill, to give 16K users a taste of the popular 48K platform game, Manic Miner. Memory restraints mean that the quality and variety of the graphics in Sir Lancelot are not of quite such a high standard, but the author must be congratulated on squeezing an amazing 25 levels into the more limited machine.

As is now usual for Z88 conversions of Spectrum games, you can choose between squashed & scrolling and normal & inverted displays. There's also the facility to redefine the playing keys.

This game checks in at number 80 in the Your Sinclair Official Top 100 Games Of All Time, so you know it's a classic!

This game is now also available in .APP format, for use with Installer on the Z88 Forever compilation!

These are the files for the application itself:

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