The infoseek API can be accessed via the following URL:-

There are several parameters that can be sent to the API. The only required parameter is X-API-KEY which should either have the value of your key, or 'test' for the test API. Testing returns a maximum of 10 entries per query.


This command on its own returns a list of current searches and parameters.

In addition to this, you can also add a format parameter to return results in different formats. These are:-

php - returns a PHP array
json - a standard json array
jsonp - json with padding
xml - standard XML document

For example:


Several results return image strings. These can be accessed directly from WoS. For example, searching for Ocean in the publishers lists several logos. The image name returned for one of them is: '942a1201aefad45/600/300'
This is the unique file ID for that image.

To access the image, you would use the following URL:-

The 200/200 generated a thumbnail image with that width/height to give you a smaller overhead. The thumbnail generated will be of the correct dimensions to a maximum of either width or height depending on the image orientation. You can also add one of two option parameters - fill or fit like so:-