Archive Mission Statement

This site's mission is to create a full historical archive for the ZX Spectrum, its hardware, software, magazines, books and the industry that created it all, as a completely free museum.
World of Spectrum also plays host to the very active ZX Spectrum emulation scene.

Besides cataloging every single item ever created, we want to offer you exact copies of it. Each entry is fully described, with as much detail as we can possibly find.
And we don't only store the games themselves either. You'll also find many, many additional files, such as inlay scans, advert scans, instructions and maps, as well as all emulators ever written for all platforms and hundreds of utilities.

This is an incredibly large task (it took tens of thousands of hours so far), but it has proven very worthwhile and we want to keep doing it forever.
Thanks to all the contributions made over time, the archive is in this state.
We also try our best to get permission from the copyright holders to distribute their software freely from this site. A mammoth task indeed!

We want this archive to be suitable for people of all ages, including children. For this reason, adult games are kept strictly separate from the rest, allowing filtering based on a single URL. Why we keep them? A lot of them were actually commercially marketed and thus deserve preservation.