The Software API currently has three settings

List of titles

Displays a list of titles.

The displayed results are:-

ID - The unique ID of the title.
Title - The name of the software.
Slug - The unique URL slug of the title.
turn_types_text - The text of the turn types.
turn_types_id - The unique id of the turn types for further searching.
availability_text - The text of the title availability.
availability_id - The unique id of the availability for further searching.
entry_types_text - The text of the entry types.
entry_types_id - The unique id of the entry types for further searching.
entry_group - Then entry group
no_players - Number of players.
comments - Any comments we have about the title.
is_x_rated - Whether the title is x-rated or not.
is_crap - Crap game competition entry.
publishers - an array of publishers
        id - the unique id of the publisher
       slug - the unique slug of the publisher
       name - the name of the publisher
roles - an array of people involved in the title and their roles.
        person_id - the unique id of the person
        person - the name of the person
        person_slug - the unique slug of the person
        role_id - the unique id of the role
        role - the role of the person
        role_slug - the unique slug of the role
features - an array of software features
        id - the unique id of the feature
        feature - the feature
        slug - the unique slug of the feature
controls - an array of software controls
        id - the unique id of the control type
        control - the control type
        slug - the unique slug of the control
themes - an array of software themes
        id - the unique id of the theme
        theme - the theme name
        slug - the unique slug of the theme
series - an array of details for any series the title is in
        id - the id of the series
        series - the name of the series
        slug -  the slug of the series
        titles - an array of titles in the series:-
                title - the software title
                slug - the title slug

The software list can accept serveral optionnal parameters.

limit - The number of results to display
offset - The number to offset search records.
id - the infoseek ID
title - you can search for a specific title. Wildcards can be used. For a specific match.use  '_computers'. Starts with - 'computers%',  ends with: '% schools'. By default the search takes into account both "starts with" and "ends with".
random - put any value here to return a list at random according to other search criteria.
no_players - Numer of players
turn_type - Turn type ID
entry_type - Entry type ID
entry_group - Entry group slug. This can be from the following:

availability - Availability ID
crap - Crap game entry. 0=No, 1=Yes
x_rated - X rated game. 0=No, 1=Yes
publisher - Publisher ID




NOTE - More options will be added as new data is entered into the system.