The Books API currently has three settings

List of books

Displays a list of books.

The displayed results are:-

ID - The unique ID of the book.
Book - The name of the book.
Slug - The unique URL slug of the book.
cover - The book cover.
publishers - The list of book publishers.
authors - The list of book authors.
comments - Any comments we have about the book.
page_count - The number of pages in the book.
language - The books language.

The books list can accept serveral optionnal parameters.
limit - The number of results to display
offset - The number to offset search records.
book - you can search for a specific book. Wildcards can be used. For a specific match.use  '_computers'. Starts with - 'computers%',  ends with: '% schools'. By default the search takes into account both "starts with" and "ends with". 
language -The language of the publication.
medium - The publication medium.
random - put any value here to return a list at random according to other search criteria.

You can get the list of languages used here:-

And Media here :-

And publishers here :-

And authors here :-


Pages of books

VYou can list the pages produced by each book using the books_pages list and send the book ID here :-

he displayed results are :-

ID - The unique identifier of the page
Book - The name of the book
Page - The page number
Scan - The unique file number of the page scan
TocText - The summary if it is present
Book_id - The unique ID of the book.
Publishers - A list of the publishers of this book including the identifier, the editor and URL slug
Authors -  list of the authors of this book including the identifier, the person and the URL slug 

The page list can accept several optional parameters.
limit - The number of results to display. The test API has a maximum of 10 results. .
offset - Number of records to offset
publisher - The publisher you are looking for 
author - the author you are looking for

NOTE - More options will be added as new data is entered into the system.