Anthony Collins

Name : Anthony Collins

Software Role Publisher Type Year
Corya the Warrior-Sage (Unknown) The Guild Adventure: Text-Only 1992
The Hermitage (Unknown) Pegasus Software Adventure: Text/Illustrated 1989
Methyhel (Unknown) Zenobi Software Adventure: Text/Illustrated 1990
Methyhel - The Special Edition (Unknown) The Guild Adventure: Text-Only 1990
Nythyhel (Unknown) Anthony Collins Adventure: Text/Illustrated 1987
Survival (Unknown) The Guild Adventure: Text-Only
Teacher Trouble (Unknown) Pegasus Software Adventure: Text-Only 1989
Theseus and the Minotaur (Unknown) Anthony Collins Adventure: Text/Illustrated 1990
Absolution (Unknown) Pegasus Software Adventure: Text-Only 1992
Miami Mice (Unknown) Anthony Collins Adventure: Text-Only
Publisher Name Role From To
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