Chris Pile

Name : Chris Pile

Software Role Publisher Type Year
1999 (Unknown) Summit Software [1] Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1987
Astroball (Unknown) Revelation Software Arcade: Platform 1992
City Bomber (Unknown) Outlet Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1993
Crashout (Unknown) Digital Image Arcade: Action 1987
Smashout!! (Unknown) Digital Image Arcade: Action 1985
Turbulence (Unknown) Your Sinclair Puzzle 1993
Dr Scroll - VTX5000 (Unknown) Digital Image Domestic 1989
Football Club (Unknown) Frozen Ice Sport: Management 1989
Ultra-208 (Unknown) Digital Reality [1] Utility: Media Admin 1991
Fill It (Unknown) Your Sinclair Utility: Graphics 1989
Circles [1] (Unknown) Your Sinclair Utility: Visual/Screen 1988
Dr Scroll - VTX711mk2 (Unknown) Digital Image Domestic 1989
Hiform (Unknown) Outlet Utility: Media Admin 1990
Extendacat (Unknown) Outlet Utility: Media Admin 1990
Body of Revolution! (Unknown) Outlet Utility: Visual/Screen 1990
Clearcut version 2 (Unknown) Outlet Programming: General 1990
Dr. Kode (Unknown) Chris Pile Programming: Assembler/Mcode 1988
Unfrag (Unknown) Outlet Utility: Media Admin 1990
Deval (Unknown) Outlet Programming: BASIC 1990
Bannerol (Unknown) Outlet Utility: Visual/Screen 1991
Bascan (Unknown) Outlet Programming: General 1991
Ovalteem (Unknown) Outlet Utility: Visual/Screen 1991
Softrom! (Unknown) Outlet Programming: Assembler/Mcode 1991
Zoom Lens (Unknown) Outlet Utility: Visual/Screen 1991
Beep Bank (Unknown) Outlet Utility: Sound/Speech 1991
Hiscores (Unknown) Outlet Programming: General 1991
Shadcopy (Unknown) Outlet Utility: I/O Handling 1991
Fastdraw (Unknown) Outlet Utility: Visual/Screen 1991
Galvinator (Unknown) Outlet Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1991
Stolight (Unknown) Outlet Utility: Visual/Screen 1991
Bordtext (Unknown) Outlet Utility: Visual/Screen 1991
Pointer (Unknown) Outlet Programming: General 1992
Sidecopy (Unknown) Outlet Utility: I/O Handling 1991
Edis (Unknown) Outlet Utility: Media Admin 1991
Quadrant Magnifier (Unknown) Your Sinclair Utility: Visual/Screen 1989
Publisher Name Role From To
Chris Pile Owner