David Aubrey-Jones

Name : David Aubrey-Jones

Software Role Publisher Type Year
A View to a Kill - The Computer Game (Unknown) Domark Ltd Arcade: Action 1985
Cowboy Shootout (Unknown) Micro Power Ltd Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1983
Death Star Interceptor (Unknown) System 3 Software Ltd Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1985
Galaxian (Unknown) Atarisoft Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1984
Ghostbusters (Unknown) Activision Inc Arcade: Adventure 1984
H.E.R.O. (Unknown) Activision Inc Arcade: Maze 1984
Mercenary (Unknown) Novagen Software Ltd Tactical Combat 1987
Super Talk (Unknown) Abbex Electronics Ltd Utility: Sound/Speech 1983
Damocles (Unknown) Novagen Software Ltd Tactical Combat