Dean Hickingbottom

Name : Dean Hickingbottom

Software Role Publisher Type Year
Australian Rules Football (Unknown) Again Again Sport: Action 1989
Gilbert: Escape from Drill (Unknown) Again Again Arcade: Adventure 1989
Grid Iron 2 (Unknown) Alternative Software Ltd Sport: Management 1989
Punch & Judy (Unknown) Alternative Software Ltd Arcade: Adventure 1989
Captain Fizz (Unknown) Psyclapse Arcade: Maze 1989
Thomas the Tank Engine II (Unknown) Alternative Software Ltd Arcade: Action
Sooty & Sweep II (Unknown) Alternative Software Ltd Arcade: Action
Shutdown (Unknown) Video Images Arcade: Action
Acolyte (Unknown) Video Images Arcade: Maze
Ninja Grannies (Unknown) Arcade: Solo beat-em-up
Frogger (Unknown) Deanysoft Arcade: Action 2009
Lost! (Unknown) Mark Woodmass Arcade: Platform 1986
Molecale (Unknown) Video Images Arcade: Shoot-em-up
14x6 Map Designer (Unknown) Clockwize Utility: Game Editor 1989
Higgs Boson in the LHC (Unknown) Deanysoft Arcade: Action 2011
Publisher Name Role From To
Dean Hickingbottom Owner