Frantisek Fuka

Name : Frantisek Fuka

Software Role Publisher Type Year
Atomix (Unknown) Proxima Software Puzzle 1990
Atomix II: Hexagonia (Unknown) Proxima Software Puzzle 1991
Bowling 2000 (Unknown) Fuxoft Sport: Action 1985
Double Dash (Unknown) Proxima Software Arcade: Maze 1990
F.I.R.E. (Unknown) Fuxoft Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1988
Jet-Story (Unknown) Ultrasoft [2] Arcade: Action 1992
Kaboom! (Unknown) Fuxoft Arcade: Action 1986
3D Labyrinth (Unknown) Busy Software Arcade: Maze 1989
PIJ (Podraz na Indiana Jonese) (Unknown) PKCS Arcade: Action 1987
Planet of Shades (Unknown) Cybexlab Software Arcade: Action 1986
Podraz 3 (Unknown) Fuxoft Adventure: Text 1986
Poklad (Unknown) Fuxoft Adventure: Text 1984
Poklad 2 (Unknown) Fuxoft Adventure: Text 1985
Royal Life (Unknown) Fuxoft Educational 1987
Star Dragon (Unknown) Proxima Software Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1990
Starfox (Unknown) Cybexlab Software Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1987
Tetris 2 (Unknown) Fuxoft Puzzle 1990
Belegost (Unknown) Cybexlab Software Adventure: Text 1989
Indiana Jones: A Chram Zkazy (Unknown) Fuxoft Adventure: Text 1985
Indiana Jones 2 (Unknown) Fuxoft Adventure: Text 1987
Indiana Jones 3 (Unknown) Fuxoft Adventure: Text 1990
Fuxoft Soundtrack IV (Unknown) Fuxoft Scene Demo 1989
Kdo Jsi? (Unknown) Fuxoft Utility: undetermined 1989
Kdo to Vi, Odpovi... (Unknown) Fuxoft Board Game 1988
Mad Load (Unknown) Fuxoft Utility: I/O Handling 1986
Turbo Copy (Unknown) Fuxoft Utility: Copy/Backup 1986
Special POKE 2 (Unknown) Fuxoft Utility: Hacker/Security 1986
Special POKE III (Unknown) Fuxoft Utility: Hacker/Security
Dirty Tricks Demo (Unknown) Seurasoft Utility: Hacker/Security 1992
Fuxoft Soundtrack III (Unknown) Fuxoft Scene Demo 1989
Fuxoft Soundtrack 1 (Unknown) Fuxoft Scene Demo 1987
Fuxoft Soundtrack 2 (Unknown) Fuxoft Scene Demo 1988
Special POKE 1 (Unknown) Fuxoft Utility: Hacker/Security 1986
Boxing (Unknown) Fuxoft Sport: Action 1985
Book Role
Pocitacove Hry Author
Pocitacove Hry I Author
Pocitacove Hry II Author