Ian M. Collier

Name : Ian M. Collier

Software Role Publisher Type Year
Blaster (Unknown) Ian M. Collier Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1985
Mex (Unknown) Ian M. Collier Puzzle
Panic (Unknown) Ian M. Collier Arcade: Platform 1984
Quondam (Unknown) Ian M. Collier Arcade: Action 1989
Rockfall (Unknown) Crash Arcade: Maze 1990
Rockfall II (Unknown) Crash Arcade: Maze 1991
Terrapin (Unknown) Your Computer Arcade: Maze 1985
Asteroids (Unknown) Your Computer Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1985
Rockfall Designer (Unknown) Ian M. Collier Utility: Game Editor 1995
Jet Set Willy: The 2005 Megamix (Unknown) Daniel Gromann Arcade: Platform 2005
Jet Set Willy: The 2010 Megamix (Unknown) Daniel Gromann Arcade: Platform 2010
Turtle Graphics (Unknown) Your Computer Utility: Graphics 1985
Publisher Name Role From To
Ian M. Collier Owner