Jeremy Nelson

Name : Jeremy Nelson

Software Role Publisher Type Year
180 (Unknown) Mastertronic Added Dimension Sport: Action 1986
Double Dragon (Unknown) Melbourne House Arcade: Gang beat-em-up 1989
Dragons of Flame (Unknown) US Gold Ltd Adventure: RPG 1990
Grange Hill (Unknown) Argus Press Software Ltd Adventure: Graphic 1987
Lone Wolf - The Mirror of Death (Unknown) Audiogenic Software Ltd Arcade: Adventure 1991
Mean Streak (Unknown) Mirrorsoft Ltd Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1987
Pi-R Squared (Unknown) Mind Games Arcade: Action 1987
Rasterscan (Unknown) Mastertronic Ltd Arcade: Action 1987
Strike (Unknown) Mastertronic Added Dimension Sport: Action 1987
Zarjas (Unknown) Sinclair User Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1988