Name : Shiru

Software Role Publisher Type Year
Wolfenstein 2004 (Unknown) Alone Coder Arcade: Action 2004
Sewerage (Unknown) Perspective Group Arcade: Action 2006
Phaser1 (Unknown) Shiru Utility: Music 2010
Zombie Calavera Prologue (Unknown) Ubhres Productions Arcade: Platform 2010
Magic Tokens (Unknown) Perspective Group Puzzle 2010
Sea Dragon (Unknown) Andrew Zhiglov Arcade: Shoot-em-up 2010
Shiru's 1-bit Music 2010 (Unknown) Shiru Music 2011
DiHalt 2010 ZX Spectrum 1-bit Music (Unknown) Shiru Music 2010
Chaos Constructions 2010 Beeper Music Compilation (Unknown) Shiru Music 2010
BattleOfTheBits ZX Spectrum Beeper Speaker Compo 2010 (Unknown) Shiru Music 2010
Alter Ego (Unknown) RetroSouls Arcade: Action 2011
Fundamentally Loathsome (Unknown) The Mojon Twins Arcade: Action 2011
Trabajo Basura (Unknown) The Mojon Twins Arcade: Platform 2011
Petulant Poogslay Powerful Parade (Unknown) The Mojon Twins Arcade: Maze 2010
Phantomas en el Museo (Unknown) Ubhres Productions Arcade: Platform 2012
Speccy Bros (Unknown) Climacus Arcade: Platform 2012
Mole Rat! (Unknown) Stonechat Productions Arcade: Action 2012
Cheril the Goddess (Unknown) The Mojon Twins Arcade: Platform 2012
El Hobbit (Vah-ka's Cut) (Unknown) The Mojon Twins Arcade: Adventure 2013