Simon Dunstan

Name : Simon Dunstan

Software Role Publisher Type Year
Archon (Unknown) Ariolasoft UK Ltd Board Game 1985
Cauldron (Unknown) Palace Software Arcade: Adventure 1985
Dandy (Unknown) Electric Dreams Software Arcade: Maze 1986
Explorer (Unknown) Electric Dreams Software Adventure: Graphic 1986
Mr. Weems and the She Vampires (Unknown) Piranha Arcade: Maze 1987
Panzadrome (Unknown) Ariolasoft UK Ltd Arcade: Action 1985
Think! (Unknown) Ariolasoft UK Ltd Puzzle 1985
Xarq (Unknown) Electric Dreams Software Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1986
Quest for the Golden Eggcup (Unknown) Network Adventure Games Adventure: Text 1986
The Terrors of Trantoss (Unknown) Ariolasoft UK Ltd Adventure: Text 1986
Twice Shy (Unknown) Mosaic Publishing Ltd Adventure: Text 1986
Valkyrie 17 (Unknown) The RamJam Corporation Adventure: Text 1984
Three Days in Carpathia (Unknown) Ariolasoft UK Ltd Adventure: Text