Stuart J. Ruecroft

Name : Stuart J. Ruecroft

Software Role Publisher Type Year
2112 AD (Unknown) Design Design Software Arcade: Adventure 1985
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (Unknown) Global Software Arcade: Adventure 1986
Backpackers Guide to the Universe (Unknown) Fantasy Software [1] Arcade: Platform 1984
Invasion (Unknown) Bulldog Software [1] Tactical Combat 1987
Jail Break (Unknown) Konami Ltd Arcade: Action 1987
Milk Race (Unknown) Mastertronic Ltd Sport: Action 1987
Myla Di'Kaich (Unknown) Global Software Arcade: Platform 1986
Nemesis (Unknown) Konami Ltd Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1987
On the Run (Unknown) Design Design Software Arcade: Maze 1985
Salamander (Unknown) Konami Ltd Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1987
Sector 90 (Unknown) Quicksilva Ltd Arcade: Adventure 1987
Tujad (Unknown) Ariolasoft UK Ltd Arcade: Maze 1986
The Young Ones (Unknown) Orpheus Ltd Adventure: Graphic 1986
The Race Against Time (Unknown) Code Masters Plus Arcade: Adventure 1988