Name : Zydro

Software Role Publisher Type Year
Hostages (Unknown) Infogrames Arcade: Action 1990
The Light Corridor (Unknown) Infogrames Arcade: Action 1991
North & South (Unknown) Infogrames Strategy: War 1991
Time Out (Unknown) Zafiro Software Division Arcade: Action 1988
Shooting Range: Mix I (Unknown) New Frontier Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1989
Hunting Mix (Unknown) New Frontier Arcade: Action
Star Madness (Unknown) New Frontier Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1989
Pim Pam Pum (Unknown) New Frontier Arcade: Action
Offside: The Soccer Game (Unknown) New Frontier Sport: Action
Vengador (Unknown) New Frontier Arcade: Action
Zydrodisk Utilities (Unknown) New Frontier Compilation
Mega Border Demo (Unknown) New Frontier Demo 1991