Title : Beatle Quest

Publisher : Number 9 Software

Release Year: 1985

No. Players: 1

Entry Type: Adventure: Text

Machine Type: ZX-Spectrum 48K

Availability: Available

Updated On : May 25, 2020

Roles :
  • Multi-machine Medium
  • Split-screen pics/text

Known Errors: Bugfix provided by Einar Saukas and Bandit:#
  • The game cannot be completed because of a bug which prevents the gun being discovered in the circus. The problem is that it was originally written for a "Quill A" database but converted to a "Quill C" database (presumably so that it could include Illustrator graphics). The gun discovery sequence is controlled by flag 28, which is reset every turn since it became a reserved flag in "Quill C". This problem can be solved reusing flag 21 (that controls finding the jar) for the gun also, since the jar is a requirement for accessing the gun location. Both cases are originally implemented as follows:#
    7a18: GET JAR:^7482:          AT      112         ;at location 112?^7484:          EQ       21    1    ;flag 21=1?^7488:          MESSAGE  99         ;"Sorry, but you've had your quota of miracles."^748a:          DONE^^7a1c: GET JAR:^748c:          AT      112         ;at location 112?^748e:          ZERO     21         ;flag 21=0?^7491:          CREATE   12         ;create jar^7493:          GET      12         ;get jar^7495:          PLUS     21    1    ;set flag 21=1^7498:          PLUS     30    3    ;increase score^749b:          MESSAGE  98         ;"Miraculously, your wish is granted."^749d:          DONE^^7830: EXAM DROP:^6f8a:          AT      127         ;at location 127?^6f8c:          EQ       28   31    ;flag 28=31?^6f90:          MESSAGE  31         ;"You find nothing of interest."^^7834: EXAM DROP:^6f93:          AT      127         ;at location 127?^6f95:          EQ       28   30    ;flag 28=30?^6f99:          PLUS     28    1    ;set flag 28=31^6f9c:          CREATE   30         ;create gun^6f9e:          PLUS     30    3    ;increase score^6fa1:          DESC                ;describe^^7838: EXAM DROP:^6fa3:          AT      127         ;at location 127?^6fa5:          ZERO     28         ;flag 28=0?^6fa8:          PLUS     28   30    ;set flag 28=30^6fab:          PLUS     30    3    ;increase score^6fae:          MESSAGE 195         ;"Very smelly and full of lumps."
    The following patch fixes this problem:#
    7a18: GET JAR:^7482:          AT      112^7484:          GT       21    0    ;POKE 29828,14:POKE 29830,0^7488:          MESSAGE  99^748a:          DONE^^7a1c: GET JAR:^748c:          AT      112^748e:          ZERO     21^7491:          CREATE   12^7493:          GET      12^7495:          PLUS     21    1^7498:          PLUS     30    3^749b:          MESSAGE  98^749d:          DONE^^7830: EXAM DROP:^6f8a:          AT      127^6f8c:          EQ       21  254    ;POKE 28557,21:POKE 28558,254^6f90:          MESSAGE  31^^7834: EXAM DROP:^6f93:          AT      127^6f95:          EQ       21  255    ;POKE 28566,21:POKE 28567,255^6f99:          MINUS    21    1    ;POKE 28569,34:POKE 28570,21^6f9c:          CREATE   30^6f9e:          PLUS     30    3^6fa1:          DESC^^7838: EXAM DROP:^6fa3:          AT      127^6fa5:          LT       21    2    ;POKE 28581,15:POKE 28582,21:POKE 28583,2^6fa9:          SET      21         ;POKE 28584,255:POKE 28585,31:POKE 28586,21^6fab:          PLUS     30    3^6fae:          MESSAGE 195
#Modified "BUGFIX" file provided by Einar Saukas.