Title : Cliff Hanger

Publisher : New Generation Software

Release Year: 1986

No. Players: 2

Turn Type: Turn based

Entry Type: Arcade: Action

Machine Type: ZX-Spectrum 48K

Availability: Available

  • Redefinable Keys

Updated On : May 25, 2020

Roles :
Known Errors: Bugfix provided by Mr. Anonymous:#
  • From the 'YS Complete Guide to 3D Games' in the WOS Archive:#"The one fly in the eye is the bug on the Apollo 13 screen, rendering the game unfinishable."#and playing it through indeed results in an almighty crash on level 15.##Taking off with the rocket carefully strapped to your back results in you falling repeatedly from the top to the bottom of the screen before finally crashing to earth. You don't see the crashing to earth bit but you can certainly hear it.##Now depending on the next level selected by the game, it will now continue, either with the Kamikaze or Apollo 13 level, or... crash.##The crash is the result of the game unable to locate one of two additional screens and hence you never get to play them.##Here's the full list of the levels...##
    Level 1  Screen 1 Boulder Dash^Level 1  Screen 2 Three Chances^Level 1  Screen 3 The Seesaw^^Level 2  Screen 1 Great Railway Journeys^Level 2  Screen 2 The Bommerang^Level 2  Screen 3 The Cannon^^Level 3  Screen 1 The Unloading Station^Level 3  Screen 2 Chuckie Bomb^Level 3  Screen 3 Two Chances^^Level 4  Screen 1 The Circus Act^Level 4  Screen 2 Bombs Away^Level 4  Screen 3 The Faraday Screen^^Level 5  Screen 1 The Powerball^Level 5  Screen 2 The Time Bomb^Level 5  Screen 3 The Delivery Wagon^^Level 6  Screen 1 Breakaway^Level 6  Screen 2 Getting Your Own Back^Level 6  Screen 3 The Seesaws Revenge^^Level 7  Screen 1 The Trajectory^Level 7  Screen 2 Dead Weight^Level 7  Screen 3 The Signal Box^^Level 8  Screen 1 The Rebound^Level 8  Screen 2 The Red Herring^Level 8  Screen 3 Shake Loose^^Level 9  Screen 1 First On The Left^Level 9  Screen 2 The Space Invader^Level 9  Screen 3 The Recoil^^Level 10 Screen 1 Which One^Level 10 Screen 2 The Artillery Train^Level 10 Screen 3 The Blitz^Level 10 Screen 4 Bounce To Boulder Dash^^Level 11 Screen 1 Confused You Will Be^Level 11 Screen 2 The Artillery Train^Level 11 Screen 3 To Much Gauss^Level 11 Screen 4 Hi Tech Boulder Dash^^Level 12 Screen 1 Where Did That Come From^Level 12 Screen 2 Great Railway Journeys^Level 12 Screen 3 Zap^Level 12 Screen 4 Double Shot^^Level 13 Screen 1 No Where To Run^Level 13 Screen 2 Just Survive^Level 13 Screen 3 No Duck No Luck^Level 13 Screen 4 Drop In On You^^Level 14 Screen 1 Sheer Heart Attack^Level 14 screen 2 The Red Herring^Level 14 Screen 3 The Bouncing Lemming^Level 14 SCreen 4 The Fatal Act^^Level 15 Screen 1 Kamikaze^Level 15 Screen 2 Apollo 13^Level 15 Screen ? Mobile Gun Command^Level 15 Screen ? One Small Step For A Man^^51 levels in total
    #We'll slot the missing screens back in then and have another look. It doesn't crash anymore but there are major problems with these screens still.##>Kamikaze#This one is OK. No work required.##>Apollo 13#As stated previously, taking off with the rocket causes you to repeatedly fall down the screen. What should happen is that you fall through the hole, the screen should flip, and hopefully land on Mr. Bandit's head and squash 'im.##We'll recode the level then to make sure this happens. Also, taking off with the rocket causes a graphical glitch (there are a number throughout the game) whereby the rocket sticks in mid air so we will also reposition the rocket slightly to the other(invisible) take off point to stop this happening.##>Mobile Gun Command#This looks like the 'Drop In On You' screen except you don't stop in the middle to 'Drop In' and continue to the right whereupon it crashes. The screen, for a level 15'er, looks decidedly unfinished? so we will sneakily redirect it to the Artillery level and save us a bit o'graft redesigning the level.##>One Small Step For A Man#You can take off with the rocket easily enough (rocket glitch here too) but when you land on the far side to push the boulder you will find that you just walk straight through it and thus the level is impossible.##Another bit of recoding then to tell the game that there is indeed a ruddy great boulder right before our eyes and we would like to push it onto Bandit Man's head if we may please.
#Modified "BUGFIX" file provided by Mr. Anonymous.