Title : Drone War

Publisher : Enigma Incorporated Software

Release Year: 1983

No. Players: 2

Turn Type: Simultaneous

Entry Type: Arcade: Action

Machine Type: 48K

Availability: MIA

  • Interface 2 (right)
  • Kempston

Comments: Richard recalls: "[It] had 192 game variations. It was 100% machine code, although that was a combination of Z80 machine code, and compiled BASIC to fill the whole 48K. I was 15 at time of release. I was offered a big publisher deal, but naively said no, so distribution was low, this is a very rare game indeed!#The protection was that the game used a special recording duplication method for the tape, making it very hard to copy on normal tape decks, then a 3000 baud turbo loader (as I recall) which loaded a full 48K over itself even."

Updated On : May 26, 2020

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