Title : Pozitron

Publisher : Neil D. Pawson

Release Year:

No. Players: 1

Entry Type: Arcade: Maze

Machine Type: 48K

Availability: Never released

Comments: Neil remembers: "This was the last game I wrote for the Spectrum.#Unfortunately I took too long to write it and the Spectrum market was dying by the time I finished. I never managed to find a publisher for it.#The game was a maze style game set in a space station with unkillable creatues to dodge, and buttons that could be pressed which had various actions.#I can't remember the exact details now but I think you picked up pieces of a weapon which allowed you to kill the creatures when it was complete. You then had to empty the spaces station of all the creatures and make your way back to the start again to win."

Updated On : May 25, 2020

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