Title : Wally's Walkabout

Publisher : Flame Software

Release Year: 1985

No. Players: 1

Entry Type: Arcade: Platform

Machine Type: 48K

Availability: Available

  • Redefinable Keys

Comments: Came as freebie on the B-side of The Prisoner v2.#"Wally was written as a kind of an antidote to The Girl Who Was Death, an adventure game that took so long to finish, I started to lose my marbles. So what better way to regain them but to write another game! Perfect sense at the time, madness now. My main aim was to get my friends involved with the game design, so they would enjoy playing it more, and several of the levels are actually designed by friends such as Kenton Levitt and Andrew McCourt. As such, I hold a lot of affection for this game, as it contains the spirit of working together as kids. I actually sent this in to {publishers|14475} magazine for them to publish. I was miffed at the time, but find their response quite funny now, considering how many pages it would have taken up of their mag - "Very good, but too long.""

Updated On : May 26, 2020

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