Title : Velika Akcija

Publisher : Radio Ventilator 202

Release Year: 1984

No. Players: 1

Entry Type: Adventure: Text

Machine Type: 48K

Availability: Available

Comments: "Computerland Software" (on the beta version loading screen) isn't the publisher, but a pirate group which illegally distributed the beta version of game.#"Velika Akcija" is a single man project of Aleksandar Radovanovic, who wrote the game for the contest for best programmer, organized by the Yugoslavian magazine "Galaksija" in 1985 and this final version won second place on that competition.#The loading screen was created by Predrag Milicevic, a great drawer also known for the loading screen of Mastertronic's game Mindtrap.#Soon after that, some people accused Aleksandar that his game was already published by that group, but as said before, this beta was a "borrowed" version when he completed 60% of the game.#After this accusation, the revolted author decided to not publish the game at all, and broadcasted it for free in Spring 1986, on Belgrade radio station 202.

Updated On : May 25, 2020

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