Title : Graphics

Also Known As: Graphic Generator

Publisher : 16/48 Tape Magazine

Release Year: 1985

No. Players: 1

Entry Type: Utility: Fonts/UDGs

Machine Type: 16K

Availability: Available

  • Cursor
  • Interface 2 (right)
  • Kempston

Comments: The listed updated version was never used by 16/48 and needs an 48K Spectrum (it crashes in 128K).#Rick reports: "I've made a .tap file up with the program on it and also included the Riptoff graphics since they were designed using this program. It's designed for doing 24x24 graphics which are stored as 9 8x8 UDG graphics, if you follow me. There use to be an instructions program, but I can't find it....."

Updated On : May 26, 2020

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