June 25, 2020 Updated Screenshots thanks to Andy Ford
June 27, 2020 Added Intro screen thanks to Ash II

Title : Manic Miner

Publisher : Bug-Byte Software Ltd

Release Year: 1983

No. Players: 1

Entry Type: Arcade: Platform

Machine Type: 48K

Availability: Available

Comments: 3rd place in the C&VG 1983 Golden Joystick Awards - Game of the Year 1983.#Winner of the C&VG 1983 Golden Joystick Awards - Best Arcade Style Game.#There also was a Manic Designer, Manic Designer 2, Manic Miner Editor, Manic Miner Game Designer & Editor, Manic Miner Graphics Designer, Manic Miner Levels Designer, Manic Miner Screen Editor.

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