Title : DB1

Also Known As: DB1 +3 Disc Backup Utility; DB1 Plus 3 Disc Backup Utility

Publisher : Kobrahsoft

Release Year: 1988

No. Players: 1

Entry Type: Utility: Copy/Backup

Machine Type: 128 +3

Availability: Available

Comments: The .dsk image below doesn't work in all emulators, due to the copy protection. In those cases:#Firstly, the disk has to be set to auto-load. If the disk is loaded by pressing Enter for Load on the +3 start-up menu then it won't work, as the I-register will be set to $3F and the decryption routine will give the wrong result. With auto-load set the I-register will be set to $00 and the code will decrypt correctly.#Secondly, set a break at $8BE2: LD SP,$8000; step through that command then skip over the next two CALLs and jump straight to the $8BEB: DI command, then Run and the DB1 start-up screen will be ready to use. I presume that the first CALL is the copy protection, as if it returns NZ (which it does) it makes the second CALL which erases all the memory and does a reset.

Updated On : May 25, 2020

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