Title : Compact Editor

Publisher : New Frontier

Release Year: 1993

No. Players: 1

Entry Type: Utility: Music

Machine Type: 128K

Availability: Never released - recovered

Comments: This is a never released tracker that McAlby, member of the New Frontier staff (later Bit Managers), developed for composing the basis of his own computer songs. This tracker was not only used for New Frontier's Speccy games, but also for other platforms' games including releases for Amstrad, MSX, Game Boy, NES, Game Gear and even one of Game Boy Advance (Asterix & Obelix Paf!). He kept using it until year 2002 (in an Speccy emulator for the PC), so it proved to be a very useful tool!#The first version of this program was made in 1990. This is version 3.0, from 1993.#The tool was designed for working with the {hardware|1000532}. The song could be converted into source code that was sent through the P.D.S. to a PC, where it was edited, polished and compressed.

Updated On : May 26, 2020

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