Clive Brooker

Name : Clive Brooker

Software Role Publisher Type Year
The Empire Fights Back (Unknown) Mastertronic Ltd Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1985
Knight Driver (Unknown) Hewson Consultants Ltd Arcade: Race 'n' Chase 1984
Lap of the Gods (Unknown) Mastertronic Ltd Arcade: Maze 1986
One Man and His Droid (Unknown) Mastertronic Ltd Arcade: Maze 1985
One Man and His Droid II (Unknown) Clive Brooker Arcade: Maze 2001
War Cars Construction Set (Unknown) Firebird Software Ltd Arcade: Vehicle Combat 1987
Planet Defender (Unknown) Simon Micro-Soft Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1982
Boat Run (Unknown) Arcade: Action 1983
Buggy (Unknown) Arcade: Action 1983
Car Chase (Unknown) Simon Micro-Soft Arcade: Maze 1982
Kiddie Cubes (Unknown) Younger Software Puzzle 1982
Fruit Machine (Unknown) Simon Micro-Soft Gambling Games 1982
Take 4 (Unknown) Board Game 1982
See-Saw (Unknown) Educational 1982
UDG Aid (Unknown) Simon Micro-Soft Utility: Fonts/UDGs 1982
Publisher Name Role From To
Clive Brooker Owner