Name : Dr BEEP

Software Role Publisher Type Year
ONELINERS (Unknown) YRS Compilation 2007
1 Line Othello (Unknown) Einar Saukas Compilation 2007
1K Othello (Unknown) YRS Board Game 2008
Amaz1ng (Unknown) YRS Arcade: Maze 2008
Freecell (Unknown) YRS Card Game 2008
Sokob-One (Unknown) YRS Puzzle 2008
1 Line Mind (Unknown) Digital Prawn Compilation 2008
48K(raak) (Unknown) YRS Utility: Hacker/Security 1991
1 Line 3D Mazes (Unknown) Einar Saukas Compilation 2008
WorldBar - Arcade version (Unknown) YRS Arcade: Action 2008
Cube (Unknown) YRS Puzzle 2008
Tracers (Unknown) YRS Puzzle 2008
Bouncing Balls (Unknown) YRS Arcade: Action 2008
Jumper (Unknown) YRS Arcade: Action 2008
The Edge (Unknown) YRS Puzzle 2009
Chain Reaction (Unknown) YRS Puzzle 2009
Grand Pr1x (Unknown) YRS Arcade: Race 'n' Chase 2009
123 Maze (Unknown) YRS Puzzle 2009
C.A.R.S, the Computer Animated Racetrack Simulator (Unknown) YRS Arcade: Action 2009
Lingo (Unknown) YRS Quiz 2009
SnakeBingo (Unknown) YRS Arcade: Action 2009
Ken Ken (Unknown) YRS Puzzle 2009
Pit Pat (Unknown) YRS Sport: Action 2009
Stratego 2K (Unknown) YRS Board Game 2010
Shogun (Unknown) YRS Board Game 2010
Wiwo Dido: The Case of the Broken Timemachine (Unknown) YRS Arcade: Platform 2011
Wiwo Dido: The Case of the Lost Keys (Unknown) YRS Arcade: Platform 2011
Wiwo Dido: The Case of the Closing Doors (Unknown) YRS Arcade: Maze 2011