Leszek Chmielewski Daniel

Name : Leszek Chmielewski Daniel

Software Role Publisher Type Year
Academial Patience (Unknown) Tiger's Claw Card Game
Advanced Patience (Unknown) Tiger's Claw Card Game 1994
Godzilla: The Atomar Nightmare (Unknown) Tiger's Claw Strategy: War 1995
Pyramid Patience (Unknown) Tiger's Claw Card Game 1996
Ultra Reflect (Unknown) Tiger's Claw Puzzle 1995
ASC (Unknown) Tiger's Claw Scene Demo 1996
BeamingAnim (Unknown) LCD Design Scene Demo
Demo-lition (Unknown) Tiger's Claw Scene Demo 1993
Not For Children (Unknown) Tiger's Claw Scene Demo 1996
Indian Patience (Unknown) Scene+ Card Game 1996
Inof (Unknown) Tiger's Claw Utility: Media Admin 1994
Interruptmaker (Unknown) Tiger's Claw Programming: BASIC 1998
Etikette (Unknown) Leszek Chmielewski Daniel Domestic 1990
Chessboard Attack (Unknown) Leszek Chmielewski Daniel Board Game 2011
Quest for Witchcraft (Unknown) Scene+ Puzzle 2011
Earthraid (Unknown) Leszek Chmielewski Daniel Strategy: War 2012
U-Boot Hunt (Unknown) Leszek Chmielewski Daniel Puzzle 2012
Yumiko in the Haunted Mansion (Unknown) Fun Forge Arcade: Maze 2012
Hunt the Wumpus (Unknown) Fun Forge Arcade: Maze 2013
Publisher Name Role From To
Leszek Chmielewski Daniel Owner