Name : Metalbrain

Software Role Publisher Type Year
BeTiled! (Unknown) Computer Emuzone Puzzle 2007
Concurso Aventura 2008 (Unknown) Metalbrain Adventure: Text 2008
iLogicAll (Unknown) Computer Emuzone Puzzle 2008
I Need Speed (Unknown) Computer Emuzone Arcade: Race 'n' Chase 2009
King's Valley (Unknown) RetroWorks Arcade: Platform 2009
Box Reloaded (Unknown) Beyker Soft Puzzle 2010
Nelo & Quqo and the Last Butifarreisson (Unknown) RetroWorks Arcade: Adventure 2010
JINJ 2: Belmonte's Revenge (Unknown) RetroWorks Arcade: Action 2012
Majikazo (Unknown) RetroWorks Arcade: Maze 2012