Name : Newart

Software Role Publisher Type Year
Fire 'n Ice (Unknown) n-Discovery Puzzle 2003
The Knight's Arena (Unknown) n-Discovery Puzzle 2000
Dream Adventure (Unknown) n-Discovery Adventure: Text 2002
IF Creator (Unknown) n-Discovery Utility: Game Editor 2002
Roofmania (Unknown) Techno Lab Adventure: Text 2002
Where the Foot of Man Did Not Step (Unknown) n-Discovery Adventure: Text 2001
Dizzy Forever (Unknown) n-Discovery Adventure: Text 2005
New Wars (Unknown) n-Discovery Arcade: Action 1998
Fiveteens Stars (Unknown) n-Discovery Puzzle 1998
Boss (Unknown) n-Discovery Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1998
Sea Calmnes (Unknown) n-Discovery Arcade: Action 1997
Sokoban (Unknown) n-Discovery Puzzle 1997
AY World (Unknown) n-Discovery Domestic 2003
Dizzy: Main Day (Unknown) n-Discovery Arcade: Adventure 2004
Logic Game (Unknown) n-Discovery Board Game 2003
StarWars (Unknown) n-Discovery Arcade: Shoot-em-up 2000
Rpg (Unknown) n-Discovery Adventure: RPG
Adventure Island (Unknown) n-Discovery Arcade: Action
Mario (Unknown) n-Discovery Arcade: Action
Fury Cars (Unknown) n-Discovery Arcade: Race 'n' Chase
Worms (Unknown) n-Discovery Arcade: Action
On Moon! (Unknown) Destructor Arcade: Action 2011
Carlos Michelis (Unknown) World XXI Soft Inc Arcade: Action 2012