Nick Bruty

Name : Nick Bruty

Software Role Publisher Type Year
BraveStarr (Unknown) Go! Arcade: Action 1987
Captain Planet (Unknown) Mindscape International Inc Arcade: Action 1991
Dan Dare III: The Escape (Unknown) Virgin Games Ltd Arcade: Adventure 1990
Demon's Revenge (Unknown) Firebird Software Ltd Arcade: Adventure 1988
Extreme (Unknown) Digital Integration Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1991
Metro-Cross (Unknown) US Gold Ltd Arcade: Action 1987
Out Run (Unknown) US Gold Ltd Arcade: Race 'n' Chase 1987
Paperboy 2 (Unknown) Mindscape International Inc Arcade: Action 1992
Quartet (Unknown) Activision Inc Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1987
Savage (Unknown) Firebird Software Ltd Arcade: Action 1988
Slap Fight (Unknown) Imagine Software Ltd Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1987
Smash TV (Unknown) Ocean Software Ltd Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1991
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Unknown) Image Works Arcade: Action 1990
Tintin on the Moon (Unknown) Infogrames Arcade: Action 1989
Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper (Unknown) Go! Arcade: Action 1987
V (Unknown) Ocean Software Ltd Arcade: Action 1986
Xevious (Unknown) US Gold Ltd Arcade: Shoot-em-up 1987