Paul Howard

Name : Paul Howard

Software Role Publisher Type Year
Cascade (Unknown) Paul Howard Puzzle 1994
Mental Blocks - Frustration 2 (Unknown) Impact Software [2] Puzzle 1995
The Hurricanes Digi Slideshow (Unknown) Technium 220 Scene Demo 1995
IBIS (Unknown) Impact Software [2] Utility: Media Admin 1996
GraffiXmax (Unknown) Impact Software [2] Utility: Graphics 1996
Jet Set Willy: The '96 Remix (Unknown) Paul Howard Arcade: Platform 1996
Notepad +D (Unknown) Impact Software [2] Utility: Word Processor 1996
Date Stamp (Unknown) Impact Software [2] Utility: Media Admin 1996
Fontbox I (Unknown) Alchemist PD Utility: Fonts/UDGs 1995
Plus D Filetype Changer (Unknown) Paul Howard Utility: Media Admin 1995
Publisher Name Role From To
Paul Howard Owner