Title : Impossible Mission

Publisher : US Gold Ltd

Release Year: 1985

No. Players: 1

Entry Type: Arcade: Adventure

Machine Type: ZX-Spectrum 48K

Availability: Available

  • Interface 2 (right)
  • Kempston

Comments: Winner of the Game of the Year Awards 1985 - Best Platform Game.

Updated On : May 25, 2020

Roles :
  • Multi-machine Medium

Competition Entry: C&VG 1984 Golden Joystick AwardsGame of the Year Awards 1985

Groups: Flippy Flippy
Known Errors: Bugfixes provided by Bandit:#
  • Game may crash after one play through (especially if you fail to beat the current high score).#Fixed using POKE 46686,56: POKE 46687,6
  • Sometimes the game cannot be completed because puzzle pieces may be placed underneath certain computer terminals, which the player cannot search (since attempting to do so will access the terminal). Technically the locations of the computer terminals are stored in a table at address $b8c4, so the game code can avoid these locations when distributing lift inits, snoozers and puzzles randomly.#However this table stores the location of a chest of drawers instead of a computer terminal in room $18 by mistake, so a puzzle may be placed underneath that computer terminal. Also this table stores the location of 44 computer terminals, but the routine at address $a32f only copies 43 locations, so another puzzle may be placed underneath the last computer terminal in room $1f.#Fixed using POKE 41780,44: POKE 47332,202
#Bugfix provided by jp:#
  • If you are dialing the agency for help to solve the upper left puzzle, when you do have enough pieces you get the message "NTATION CORRECT*NOT" (this is a hangover from the other agency help "Correct orientation of leftmost pieces"). After the bug is fixed, you will get the message "*A SOLUTION EXISTS*".#Fixed using POKE 44441,167
  • The password counter (for collected lift inits/snoozes) is not correctly reset between games. This problem is solved resetting the counter explicitly with "$ade5: XOR A / LD ($bf8d),A".#Fixed using POKE 44517,175: POKE 44518,50: POKE 44519,141: POKE 44520,191
  • The screen is not properly cleared before displaying the "win" sequence. This problem is solved adding an explicit instruction 'CALL $8045' to clear the screen.#Fixed using POKE 39172,113: POKE 39173,148: POKE 38001,205: POKE 38002,61: POKE 38003,104: POKE 38004,205: POKE 38005,69: POKE 38006,128: POKE 38007,201
#Modified "BUGFIX" file provided by jp (built as a patch to load the original speedlock release and apply all fixes automatically).