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Title : Methyhel - The Special Edition

Publisher : The Guild

Release Year: 1990

No. Players: 1

Entry Type: Adventure: Text

Machine Type: 128K

Availability: Available

Comments: A remake of Nythyhel.#The 128K version of Methyhel was known as Methyhel - The Special Edition which was a reworked version (without any graphics) that combined both parts of the Methyhel 48K adventure into a single part story with a tighter plot, more puzzles, improved programming and the removal of unused locations.#Due to a dispute with {publishers|14534}, who owned the rights to the 48K version, {publishers|946} ({publishers|13354}) made the game available for free to anyone who sent him a blank cassette or disk. At one point, {publishers|13354} were advertising/selling both versions of the game as well.

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